Added two petitions

I added two nationwide petitions seeking to abolish the felony murder rule in America to the right hand side column of the site.

Abolishing the felony murder rule would help people like Ryan Holle, Brandon Hein, Joseph Donovan, Blake Layman, Teresa Deion Harris, Stacy Ramsey, and countless others who have been charged under this doctrine. Please take a moment to sign these petitions here.

Click here to sign at the petition site.

Click here to sign at

About ryanholle
This is a support site for Ryan Holle. He is serving life without parole in Florida, since 2004, for loaning out his car to his roommates who used the car to commit a robbery that resulted in murder. Ryan had no prior knowledge the murder was going to occur, but received life without parole as a result of the felony murder rule that holds a person may be charged with first degree murder if a person dies during the commission of a felony. Though Ryan did not participate in the felony (the burglary), he was held equally responsible for it - and the resulting murder - as those who committed it because the prosecutor stated if there had been no car, there would have been no crime.

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